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A Bit About Danielle

A true early bird ready to catch the worm, Danielle was born two-weeks premature at 7:28 am on May 9, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec. Raised in Kirkland, a suburb on the West Island of Montreal, she lived a happy childhood, along with her younger sister, Lisa. She partook in many activities as a child: soccer, dance, softball, girl guides, violin lessons and swimming. She maintains many of these activities to this day, which help her lead a balanced life. She grew up to be bilingual, thanks to her French Canadian father and American mother. 

After high school, she continued her studies at John Abbott College, popularly known as the local country club (because of its scenic grounds). Her higher studies continued at Concordia University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and a minor in Community and Public Affairs. While there, she made many new friends through her involvement in the Zeta Tau Omega sorority. Her quest for further knowledge did not end there: after taking a year off to complete an internship in Canadian Studies at the University of Berkeley, off she went to Toronto to begin law school at Osgoode Hall. What a crazy three years it was! Yet, it was worth it, as Danielle now finds herself with an amazing job as an Assistant Crown Attorney!

Danielle has been fortunate to have had a full and happy life, but what are experiences if they are not shared with a life partner, a soul mate, a best friend? Luckily, Danielle found hers in Dave…

A Bit About Dave

Dave was born "David Duncan" in the tiny Southern Ontario town of Toronto in the early evening of March 15, 1978, and marked the final addition to the Duncan family of five.

Growing up in Pickering (a suburb east of Toronto), young David played sports, games, pranks and generally made life miserable for his loving older brother Graham and older sister Deborah, who kindly tolerated and loved him in spite of his impishness.

Nearing High School, David shed his childhood name and became a grown up named "Dave".  He grew weary of higher education and developed new interests in art and faith.  He pursued his music through learning the guitar, and pursued his faith by getting involved in his church and volunteering summers at Fair Glen Youth Camp.

After trying his hand for a term at the University of Ottawa studying Modern Languages, Dave fell upon his life's calling almost by accident, and enrolled in a professional writing program at the University of Waterloo.  In Waterloo, Dave lived at Conrad Grebel College where he met many of the friends he considers closest to this day.

After leaving school, Dave made his way back to Toronto (although grudingly) to work for a bank (also grudgingly) as a professional writer (happily). After many years of adventures in the big city, Dave serendipitously met a girl one night, and she quickly stole his heart.  Now he looks forward to following his life pursuits in faith, art and love with her. | 2007